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V.C Andrews' Pearl In The Mist

V.C Andrews' Pearl In The Mist

Fate whisked Ruby from a simple life in the Louisiana Bayou. But her new riches bring more treachery than happiness. Even after a year as a Dumas, Ruby still wonders at the splendor of the family's New Orleans mansion and rejoices in the love of the father she had never known. But true happiness in her new home is as elusive as the swamp mist. Ruby must carefully avoid her venomous stepmother, Daphne, while making every effort to befriend her twin sister, Gisselle. While attending Greenwood, the exclusive girls' boarding school, Ruby doesn't lose hope in a world that never really wanted her. Ruby will have to summon every last ounce of her Cajun strength to reclaim her home, her future, and the happiness she once knew.

Thriller | USA | 2021

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