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V.C. Andrews' Heaven

Based on the novel by V.C. Andrews. Of all the poor people living in "the willies" - the foothills of the mountains of West Virginia, the Casteels were considered lowest. Yet, the eldest daughter, Heaven Leigh Casteel, was still the prettiest and smartest girl in the backwoods, despite her ragged clothes and dirty face. Heaven encouraged her four younger siblings to cling to their pride and hope for a day that they'd escape their poverty and show the world what decent, talented children they were. But when Heaven's stepmother runs away, Luke, her irresponsible drunkard of a father, decides to give away his children one by one, tearing her family apart. Heaven is sent off to live in the home of Luke's deranged ex-lover, Kitty. There, she is subjected to more torment but finds solace in the arms of her stepfather Cal, as they begin a taboo relationship.

Drama | Canada | 2019

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