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The Pinkies are Back

The Pinkies are Back

Annemarie is the captain of a dragon boat team that has 17 new people who are super keen to compete in this season's regional competition. There is one problem, some of them have never set foot in a boat and she and her coach, Sooupu, have 6 months to get every one race ready. These unsuspecting women: mostly unfit, some overweight and all breast cancer survivors, have no idea what they've got themselves into. But their inner mongrel comes out and they discover the competitive edge they never knew they had. They are addicted to this newfound love of dragon boating! The 7 remaining core team members can't believe their luck, that after 2 years of not being able to compete they are finally able to get on the water and The Pinkies are Back!

Documentary | New Zealand | 2021

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