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The Christmas Setup

Lawyer Hugo is heading home to Milwaukie with his best friend, Madelyn, so they can spend time with his mum, Kate, while he waits to hear about a promotion he's up for at work. With her son finally home from New York City for a while, Kate "arranges" for Hugo to run into Patrick, his former secret crush from high school. Patrick has recently moved back to Milwaukie after a successful stint in Silicon Valley and is on a mission to save the local train station from demolition. Amazed by Patrick's generosity, Hugo offers to help him save the train station with his legal expertise. As Hugo and Patrick work together, their chemistry is undeniable to everyone around them, and they fall in love. But when Hugo receives news that he got the promotion, he is left to make the difficult decision to either accept his dream job in London or stay home to be near his family and newfound love.

Drama | USA | 2020

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