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Terence Blanchard

"A thrilling virtuoso with a romantic streak" is how the New Yorker referred to trumpeter Terence Blanchard. Apart from being the man Spike Lee turns to for his soundtracks Blanchard is a noble preserver of jazz traditions even as he expands jazz frontiers. On this July 1992 date Blanchard displays the romantic feelings at the heart of his sense of music with a quintet tight from just doing a Miles Davis tribute album. After the band find their feet with a mid-tempo version of the spiritual "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child," Blanchard and pianist Barth embark on the program highlight, an exquisite fifteen-minute exploration of the wistful Stan Getz ballad "Dear Old Stockholm" that features exchanges of the most tender emotions. Blanchard is no slouch when it comes to cooking - "Detour Ahead" and his own "Azania" are high-speed chases - but it's his knack for evoking emotion that listeners will take away.

Music | Canada | 1992

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