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Madame Tussaud: A Legend in Wax

Marie Tussaud, a character rooted in the 18th revolutionary century, had a front row seat at two Revolutions: a political revolution in France and the Industrial Revolution in Britain. Following in her foosteps, revisit the history of wax portraiture and popular entertainment in full bloom in the early 19th-century when Great Britain was undergoing an unprecedented industrial and economic boom. Marie Tussaud was a talented wax artist, as well as an entrepreneur, but also a marketing pioneer. She toured Ireland, Scotland and England with a travelling museum, before ending her life in London at the head of a colossal empire, the Madame Tussaud's wax museum. How did a woman survive such dangerous times, and rise to the status of national treasure in a country whose language she could barely master?

Documentary | France | 2017

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