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House Of Darkness: New Blood

Inspired by actual events, this supernatural thriller unravels the mystery of a single mother who believes a shocking family tragedy was caused by dangerously dark forces. After the sudden disappearance of her husband five years ago, Brooke is finally moving on with her life, with her new fiance Judd, and her young son Dylan by her side. Life seems good, until they spend the summer with Judd's ailing mother at her dilapidated farmhouse in the remote, close-knit community of Red Creek, where Brooke grows increasingly suspicious that things are not what they seem. At first, she wonders if the frightening visions and unexplained activity she's experiencing are simply the side effects of a new medication. However, Brooke soon discovers that her family is wrapped up in something so sinister and she must fight to save their lives.

Thriller | USA | 2018

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