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Faith Happens

This true story is about ordinary people who discover that faith happens in the midst of lifes twists and turns. Every incident in this film is based on actual events that came from the same small church. What do a drug addict, a feisty old lady, an African refugee, an ex-boxer, a salesman and a Chinese entrepreneur have in common? They are all connected through Heights Community Church. Nine-year old Amy, who, in her own words has been grown up a long time, deals with problems that would break many a grown up. She wonders about why things happen and whether God is out there looking after us. John - the pastor, faces this question himself as his wife lies dying of cancer and his estranged son has dropped off the face of the earth. In order to experience Gods grace, he learns If you're going through hell, don't stop. Amy discovers that miracles do happen, tragedy strikes when you least expect, and God is not always easy to understand. For some, faith happens in this small church for others, it never happens. This carefully woven tapestry of people, intersecting at the point of faith, is rich with the stuff of life. FAITH HAPPENS is a hard-hitting drama that takes the viewer on a personal journey from the heart to the soul.

Drama | USA

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