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Drink, Slay, Love

Based on a popular YA novel. Pearl is a kick-ass teen vampire who loves making out with her hot boyfriend, Jadrien, driving fast cars, and snacking on humans out behind the Dairy Hut. Life is great until one night she gets staked from behind, waking to find herself alive...and changed: she can now go out into the sun without being burnt to a crisp. Her parents realize this is a tremendous asset and, to Pearl's horror, they decide to send her to high school. Though Pearl has nothing but disdain for her new classmates, her who-cares attitude quickly make her the coolest girl in school. But things become complicated when she starts to develop a conscience. When she realizes the deadly twist her family has in store for her new friends, she must decide whether to remain in the world she's known her entire life or embrace her new humanity.

Fantasy | Canada | 2017

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