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Afghan Beauty School

In 2003, Afghanistan's first beauty school is scheduled to open in Kabul. Sponsored by beauty-industry mainstays like Vogue, Revlon, and M.A.C., the school will teach the latest beauty techniques to Afghan women seeking sustainable careers. Hairdressers and aestheticians from the West, including Afghan exiles, will descend upon Kabul to train women to meet the post-Taliban need for decent haircuts and to support their families at the same time. AFGHAN BEAUTY SCHOOL will be a film about beauty, in form and in content; and in Afghanistan, beauty raises serious questions. Why were women willing to risk imprisonment, even death, to run beauty salons under the Taliban? In a land that has suffered decades of war and loss, where people are starving and illiterate, why are women so excited about learning how to apply makeup? It is also a film about globalisation, a case study of how American culture is received abroad: is the school imposing American materialism, or helping women support and express themselves as they might in any other democracy?


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