Slideshow: TV's hottest teen dramas ever

Slideshow: TV's hottest teen dramas ever
Let's face it: most of us had teenage years that were, frankly, pretty boring. Ninety-nine percent of it was school-related drudgery and being bossed around by your parents. Snooze.

Therein lies the appeal of the teen drama: there's something vicarious and amazing about watching a bunch of anything-goes adolescents get up to the kinds of booze-, sex- and angst-fuelled antics that would actually be kind of exhausting if you had to endure them in real life.

From guilty pleasures like Dawson's Creek and the over-the-top plot twists of Gossip Girl to the gritty storylines of Degrassi, take a small-screen nostalgia trip in our gallery of the best teen dramas of all time.

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