F-bombs away: My Kitchen Rules favourites booted in foul-mouthed elimination

If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Tasmanian father-and-son duo Mick and Matt, one of the most-liked pairs among viewers and contestants on My Kitchen Rules, don't have much choice in the matter anymore after crumbling under pressure and getting the boot on last night’s show.

While they showed good team work, the dad and son got snappy during the cooking process. At one point, Mick's fish was sticking to the pan and overcooking, resulting in a very necessary F-bomb as onlookers watched in shock. Matt even swore at dad, “You’re the f---ing boss”. Relive the tense moments above.

Meanwhile, competing team Jenna and Joanna were having dramas of their own. With a temperamental frying pan simply not heating up, Joanna exclaimed, "I need to fry this bread it's not f---ing' hot! It's f---ed!" What a day for F-bombs!

After the tasting was completed and verdicts delivered, it was Mick and Matt who got the chop.

"You clearly crumbled under the pressure — and pressure's what it's all about," said judge Colin Fassnidge.

It sounds like the fish was as crummy as their kitchen performance.

Self-proclaimed domestic goddesses Jenna and Joanna live to cuss another day, however, securing enough points to keep the South Australian team in contention.

Do you think you could do a better job than this year's competition? The hunt is now on for next season's chefs!

This season of My Kitchen Rules has been no stranger to controversy. Check out a few more clips below and join the conversation!

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