Biggest Loser US allows first 13-year-old contestants in bid to tackle child obesity

Biggest Loser US allows first 13-year-old contestants in bid to tackle child obesity
From left: Noah Gray, Sanjana Chandrasekar and Lindsay Bravo are all aiming to improve their lives.

The Biggest Loser US is targeting childhood obesity when it returns in January 2013 for its 14th season. The new series will follow three teens as they try to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The three teens, Noah Gray, 13, Lindsay Bravo, 13, and Sanjana Chandrasekar, 16, will work with returning Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels.

"This is not their fault," Jillian told People magazine. "This is about an introduction to an active lifestyle and helping them feel better about themselves."

With that in mind, all weigh-ins will be done off camera, while training will occur mostly at home, to minimise disruption to their lives.

As with previous seasons, there will still be adult contestants on the show. Fifteen adults will compete in three teams of five.

According to a statement from NBC, "Each team will be paired with one child participant who will compete with and contribute to their respective teams."

However, unlike their elders, the teens will not be up for elimination.

No airing date for Australia has been announced at this stage.

Could the new season spark controversy from people who want to defend children from a wider image-obsessed society? How do you feel about the move?

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