Blair McDonough disappointed he wasn't invited back on Neighbours

Blair McDonough disappointed he wasn't invited back on <i>Neighbours</i>
"What about me?" Blair's character Stu wasn't around when housemates Connor and Toadie reunited on the show recently
Former soap star Blair McDonough is disappointed that he wasn't invited to return to Neighbours like his co-star Patrick Harvey.

Patrick recently appeared on the show for a four-week guest stint reprising his role as Connor O'Neill, the former housemate of Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney).

But as a fellow member of the "House of Trouser", Blair is gutted that his character Stu Parker wasn't invited to the reunion as well.

"I did actually float the idea of Stu making a return to the Neighbours producers. They were too far down the path with the storyline at that point, though," the actor told Inside Soap.

"I know Paddy had a lot of fun while he was there. Connor was quite an iconic character, so it's great that he came back for a while."

Blair now plays Matt O'Connor on the Network Seven drama series Winners & Losers but he's very nostalgic about his soapie days.

"Neighbours was my university!" he said. "I didn't go to uni or get the chance to do all those crazy things as a kid, so that's what Neighbours was for me."

The 31-year-old starred on the show from 2001, after found fame as runner-up on the first Big Brother, until 2006 when he left to pursue work in the UK.

"I'd just done Big Brother, and that was a real rollercoaster from start to finish, so I was glad to have Neighbours to help keep my feet on the ground."

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