WATCH: First kiss fright! Bachelor Tim Robards rejects date-crasher in awkward TV moment

If you happened to watch the first episode of Australian series The Bachelor last night, you would’ve been privy to one of TV's most awkward moments.

We know it’s a big call, but we're willing to make it. And if we felt the sting from our couches, imagine how 27-year-old real estate agent Ali felt after being awkwardly rejected by bachelor Tim Robards after confessing her undying love to him in German? Check out the cringe worthy vid above!

Maybe next time Ali, wait more than five minutes before you dive in and date crash? Or perhaps don't listen to us at all, 'cause even after embarrassingly flooding The Bachelor with emotion you still managed to score yourself a rose. We're thinking he may have been a little afraid not to.

Despite the claws coming out in competition for Robards affection, the debut episode of the dating show failed to hit a ratings high, with the first episode of the series attracting a mere 793,000 viewers.

Perhaps it's time for Tim's naughty nudie shots from his pre-bachelor days to magically find their way into the mansion for the girls to claw over.

Then we'd all definitely watch.

The show may find itself in the slideshow below however...

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